In the Horse Tracks of Ghengis!


How do the locals get to their nomadic campsites and the wild natural areas of Mongolia? By horse. How can we get to experience some of this timeless beauty? By horse. Join us on these select departures to visit the areas described. Journey on horseback as the locals do today and have done for thousands of years, by Mongolian Pony, the ancestors of whom probably attacked the ancient walls of Kiev. Sample ‘fermented mares milk’ with a nomad family – if you dare! Walk, explore, try archery, fish wild rivers and visit nomads in their encampments. I wonder who will be the first to try charging along on their pony firing an arrow at a target – this is more popular than football! Visit Buddhist Monasteries where you will seem to move back in time. In the city of Ulan Baatar we will see the highlights. There are no hotels where we are going (except Ulan Baatar) and so when a local ger camp can’t be used, tents are pitched. There are staff to cook and look after the horses etc, but some help is required with setting up the non-ger camps.

DAY 1- Arrival in Ulaan Baatar, meet and transfer to the Undruul Hotel, guided city sightseeing by tour bus, visit Natural History museum, Sukhbaatar Central Square, Zaisan Memorial, overnight in the hotel.

DAY 2- Drive to Kharkhorin, visit the famous Erdene Zuu monastery surrounded by 108 stupas, built in 1586. Overnight experience in the famous Mongolian dwelling tent (Ger)

DAY 3- Travel to Tsenkheriin Hot Spa (145 km), for some riding and training - time to get used to their tack and those unique horses. Overnight in a Ger camp.

DAY 4- Start the horse trek to Tsetserleg, we travel along the beautiful valleys of rivers such as Urd Tamir, Tsenkheriin gol and many small streams, grazing horses, yaks, sheeps in the valleys with Poplar trees, the view of Khangai mountain ranges covered with Siberian Lurch, some valleys carpeted with edelweiss and many other wild flowers. Arrive Tsetserleg, overnight in a local hotel or a ger camp. 26 km of riding.

DAY 5- Continue the horse trek to Taikhar Chuluu rock, passing the Tsagaan Davaa (the highest point of the track, when we cross the Bulgan Mountain). Overnight in camping tents.

DAY 6- Horse trek to the Khanui River. Visit nomads and enjoy the wilderness. Overnight in camping tents. 20 km of riding.

DAY 7- Continue riding to the Dongoin Davaa (highest point of the road with Ovoo - a shamanist pile of rocks, wood and other offerings to the spirits of the mountains and etc.) Overnight in a Ger. 40 km of riding

DAY 8- Ride on to the Chuluut River, which if you are into fishing is supposed to be one of the best. Overnight in tents. (40 km ride)

DAY 9- Horse trek to Terkhiin Tsagaan Lake, passing areas formed by volcanic eruptions, lavas and stones. Overnight in a Ger camp. 40 km of riding

DAY10- Exploration of the extinct volcano crater and surrounding area. Overnight in Ger tents on shore of Terkhiin Tsagaan Lake. The horses and the local horse riding guides will return to the Tsenkher hot spa.

DAY11- Drive back to Tsenkher Hot Spa. Overnight in a ger camp

DAY12- Drive to Bayan Gobi camp. Overnight in a ger camp

DAY13- Drive back to Ulaan Baatar, shopping and folk performance in the evening, overnight in the Undruul Hotel.

DAY14- Departure transfer.

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How to get to Ulaan Baatar
Train #23 from Beijing This train operates twice a week during the summer season and once a week in winter. Train #3 is also once a week. There is also a regular train from Irkutsk. NBoth routes are overnight sleepers There are daily flights from Beijing and regular flights from Seoul, Berlin, Moscow, Tokyo and Irkutsk.

Departing Ulaan Baatar
There are regular departures to Irkutsk and train #24 departs to Beijing twice a week during summer and once a week in the winter. Train #4 is also once a week. There are daily flights to Beijing and regular flights to Seoul, Berlin, Moscow, Tokyo and Irkutsk.

This package is based upon using a budget (we can customise to any leverl) hotel in UB with Tourist Gers and tents as per the itineraries. However, should you prefer homestay accommodation in UB please ask.

Australia/UK/New Zealand passport holders require a visa for Mongolia. US passport holders do not require a visa and all other nationalities should check with Passport Travel, their travel agent or the nearest Mongolian Consulate.