Mongolian Food

Vegetarians - don't worry you'll survive.
Forget all those rumours!

All our office crew enjoy local food and look forward to this aspect with any journey.

Mongolian food does not rate too highly with many, but things have improved over time! The more remote you go in Mongolia the more simple the food is. This is a result of survival in a harsh environment. Ulaan Batar has seen western and Chinese influence with its food and so there is more variety, with local flavours mixing in.

Some food can see a few people go a bit squeamish Sheep Testicle Stew comes to mind! When this writers 13 year old daughter heard about this she swore off ever visiting Mongolia! This writer can assure you that Mongolian Hot Pots are well worth sampling!

Vegetarians can suffer a bit more outside modern day UB, If going remote you have to pick your tour operator to ensure they take required provisions with them.

Assorted meal plates

Modern take on a traditional BBQ at an Ulaan Baatar restaurant

Fermented Mares Milk as served at large events like Nadaam Festival

Road side Milk Bar

Mongolian Hot Pot Cooking

Mongolian Hot Pot Serving. Nice use of a Milk Can
A more modern approach using traditional food (Yak Meat)
And of course THE famous video clip from the TV film 'Long Way Round' when Charley Boorman and Ewan McGregor were served Mongolian Testicle Stew in a remote Ger stop