Mongolian Visa

Mongolia June 2014 Press Release
Visa is not required for travellers from 42 countries for entries between 25 JUN 2014 and 31 DEC 2015 and a stay up to 30 days. To read more information and a list of all enclosed countries please visit this page.

Visas are valid for use within 3 months from the date of issue, including the time spent in Mongolia. Single-entry visas are also available at the airport on arrival. However, if travelling by train you must have a visa before you arrive at the border.

Multiple-entry, long-stay, work visas or visa extensions must be obtained from a Mongolian Embassy, or can be arranged through the Office for Foreign Citizens and Citizenship in Ulaanbaatar after arrival.

For those unable to obtain this visa before the depart their home it can be issued at Mongolian Embassy in Beijing, or the consulate in Irkutsk.
No. 2, Xiushui Beijie Jian Guo Jian
Guo Men Wai Da Jie Beijing, China
Tel: (86-10)-6532-1810, 6532-1203
Fax: (86-10)-6532-5045

Extensions of Visas

  • Only available at Mongolian Embassy, Beijing or Ministry of External Relations, Ulaanbaatar