Notes on areas visited

Hogno Haan Mountains

Situated 290km from Ulaan Baatar, this ‘Tourist Ger Camp’ is located in the foothills of the Hogno Haan Mountains, a point where steppe, forest and desert meet. The area contains a range of native wildlife including the Mongolian Steppe Marmot, along with opportunities for climbing, hiking and bird watching. In addition, you can visit the ruins of the Uvgun monastery, meet local nomads and ride local horses.

Ongiin Monastery

Built in the 17th century it was once the largest religious centre in the Gobi Desert.

Kara Korum – Erdene Zuu Monastery

Situated 360km from Ulan Baatar Kara Korum was the former capital of the Mongolian empire in the 13th century. The Erdene Zuu Monastery was built in the 16th century on the ruins of the ancient capital and remains an active Buddhist centre.

Terelj Camp

Situated 70km from Ulaan Baatar this Tourist Ger Camp provides the closest access to a rural setting from Ulaan Baatar. Walking and short horse rides are the normal activities. It operates all year round and yes, it is worth going here during the winter. A ger is very warm and you can really enjoy ‘brisk walks’!

Here follows a selection of options for your visit to Mongolia. These do not represent all that we can we do in Mongolia, but show what are some of the most popular programmes. We can quote for an individual itinerary for anything from one person up!