Terelj and more National Park Ger Camps

Situated 70km from Ulaan Baatar this Tourist Ger Camp provides the closest access to a rural setting from Ulaan Baatar. Walking and short horse rides are the normal activities. It operates all year round and yes, it is worth going here during the winter. A ger is very warm and you can really enjoy ‘brisk walks’!

Honey, love the Ger, not so sure about the costume! Tourist Ger entrance
Ger interior.  More on Ger interiors Ger interior
Yep, bit of space to wander about in Or just sit and soak it up
Local lads and their camels for hire Kids, they always suck you in!
The fire prevention equipment station Cooking up a Mongolian Stew!!
Assorted Ger Camps Around Mongolia

Ger camps have been established in National Parks to control where tourists stay and maintain some level of conservation control.

Gobi Desert Ger Camp Lakeside Ger Camp

Some Monasteries also have Ger camps nearby.

Remote Ger Camp and 'loo'