Golden Ring Tour Programmes

Approaching the centre of Vladimir

With private car and driver between towns

Two Nights Three Nights
  Cucumber Festival!!

With train between towns

One Night
Vladimir and Suzdal
One Night
Yaroslavl and Rostov

From: Roberta
Sent: Saturday, July 30, 3:30 PM
To: Marie Pickering
Subject: Re: Golen Ring

Hi Marie

Just a short email to say a sincere thank u for all the organisation etc: Moscow has been wonderful! Mrs Olga lovely. Hotel fantastic. Driver Alex is a wonder of patience and each and every local guide knowledgeable and a joy to be with! Humidity is terrible !!!!!! But u can't have everything! Off to Anadyr tomorrow Again many thanks loving Moscow

Best wishes Roberta

The area known as the 'Golden Ring' is one of the most scenic areas of Russia easily accessible to tourists from Moscow. Circuitous routes of 1 - 3 nights will allow you to sample the major highlights. Longer journeys can encompass more of the region if your time and money budget allow. Travel by road through to Novgorod and on to St Petersburg is also possible.

Whilst one can get to several of the major towns by train it is time consuming to travel around a number of them in an economical time frame. Also, by train means town centre to town centre. If you travel by car you cover the towns in a shorter time and see a lot more of the rural scenes as you travel between towns. Sudden diversions down a dirt road mean you can be in the centre of a collection of Dachas.
We can arrange both train and car options.

Some recent images taken by Brent in October 2014

Autumn has the region living up to another meaning of 'Golden Ring Colours abound
Smaller roads mean stops in quite villages Down dirt roads mean dachas and lakes
Large towns bring classic buildings and remote areas take you back in time By car you have the freedom to stop and walk a bit

Typical car type used - at roadside cafe

Information about the towns - Suzdal and Vladimir