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Here we have a selection of additional information that you may find useful when planning your trip to Russia, Central Asia, Mongolia and China.
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Russian Visa Information

Upon payment for your arrangements, we provide you with the required invitations and additional paperwork to secure the relevant visa. We will make these as flexible as possible and valid for the country in which you apply for your visa. You should be aware that ‘invitations’ from certain outlets in Russia have and are being refused at some Russian consulates. For flexibility and peace of mind, our invitations are a must.

Australian Passport Holders please read
BIG CHANGE to RUSSIAN Visa Procedures!!!

Australian travellers bound for Russia are being advised that from 1 April 2019, the Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Sydney will no longer be providing assistance with visa applications.

According to the Consulate General office website, the process has been outsourced to a third party and will consequently attract an extra fee of AU$43 from April onwards.

 The Russian Visa Centre has been established to “simplify the procedure of applying for Russian visas and improve the quality of services for Australian citizens and other nationals applying for visas to enter the Russian Federation”.

The Chinese did this years ago. Now that it is a business we doubt they will make the initial paperwork process any easier :) Hopefully the contactability and turn around will improve.

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