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Have you ever wondered what Moscow was like before the communist revolution??
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Some Train Facts

The Trans Siberian from Vladivostok to Moscow will take you 152 hours and 27 minutes if you do it non-stop! Hey, and people complain about 24 hours flying time from London to Sydney!!!

Europe and the Atlantic were joined by rail to the Pacific in September, 1904. However, the railway as we now see it was finished in 1916. Overall it took 13 years and 4 months to build.

Length: 9289 kms (Vladivostok-Moscow)
Time zones crossed: 7
Cost: US $320,000,000.00
Travelling Time: 7 days
Stations: 295
Gauge: 5 feet (3.8m), double track
Rolling stock: Mostly electric with some diesel

First Steam Train in Russia.
First diesel train in Russia.

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Some Food Facts

Does the name Prince Alexander Borisovich Kourakine mean anything to you? The world of food lovers and restaurants have to thank this man for a major change in the way we ate food. He was the Imperial Russian Ambassador to Paris during the late 19th century and introduced to the west the Russian tradition of serving food dishes one at a time. This service became known as 'a la russe' and before its introduction all food was usually put on the table in 3 serves - no matter what the quantity or variety of courses.

For those amongst you who may like to try and recreate some of the Russian recipes of the time;
Moose Lips in sour cream;
Ragout of deer lips and ears;
Bulls eyes in sauce;

Hmmmm, I wonder??

Map of Königsberg in Euler's time showing the actual layout of the seven bridges, highlighting the river Pregolya and the bridges.The Seven Bridges of Konigsberg (Kaliningrad)

Here in 1750 the German Mathematician Euler evolved the Mathematical area known as Topology.. Fascinating Stuff!!!!!!
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WINTER travel in Russia

How to have two Christmas Celebrations??